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Production Plant Neuhausen
Production Plant Neuhausen

arose, in the form of TREU-Instrumente GmbH, through the aquisition of the Warthman company in 1956, which since 1926 had already amassed experience in manufacturing of surgical instruments. Mr Ernst Treu Senior, formerly director of the Berlin branch of Aesculap, who headed the company until 1960, established the basis for the present-day success. Afterwards Mr Ernst Treu Junior took over as head of the flourishing company, and in the middle of the sixties went on to expand the product range with the manufacture of implants for osteosynthesis. Until today major changes and improvements has been made to complete the full range of Trauma products.
Since 1998 the company TREU-Instrumente GmbH has been certified as conforming to all EU directives, FDA and most of the international requirements.

Company Profile


Facts and Figures:
1956 foundation by Ernst Treu Sr. (president)
2012 Jörg Treu and Armin Zepf became presidents

TREU-Instrumente GmbH is an independent privat held company for manufacturing trauma implants and instruments.

Each member of the management has a long term experience in the medical business.

More than 45 people in development, production, sales, marketing, application, logistics and services are dedicated to serve the needs of surgeon, nurses, medical staff and patients.

Full range of Orthopaedic and Trauma instruments
Full range of Osteosyntheses implants including plates, screws and interlocking nails (Stainless Steel and Titanium)
Full range of state of the art containers and Accessories

Dedicated to the orthopaedic surgeon we develop in close co-operation with leading surgeons more and more products to be introduced worldwide

Production and Quality:
Consists of state of the art machinary and tools; TREU-Instrumente GmbH is certified ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, 93/42 EWG, US-FDA, ANVISA Brazil and also China-CFDA.

In more than 40 countries in Europe, Near/Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin/South America and Africa we are represented by independent partners.

Growth and Expansion:
Due to a solid base of products and steadily increase of distribution combined with new product development TREU-Instrumente GmbH has had a consistant growth over the last years.

Our main focus is the orthopaedic surgeon to serve with standardized „state of the art products“ in excellent quality and competitive prices and to look for niche markets to built up and to strengthen our position as a specialist.